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JobCOST Controller for Excel

Construction Job Cost Tracking and Reporting Softwar for Excel
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12 May 2013

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This is a construction job cost tracking and reporting system.

JobCOST Controller helps track construction job accounting and cost tracking. That way, you are able to detect cost overruns immediately and are able to react suitably. Unless costs can be kept under control, overruns will eat into your profit margins and make the job undertaken less lucrative. Construction job costs are tracked in real time. Cost overruns and potential losses get flagged immediately. Unlike financial accounting system, this system built on top of the Excel, helps track budget, actual, committed and forecasted costs. Construction progress is tracked by category and thus over budget and under budget activities are evident directly. The tool generates detailed variance report compared to the initial baseline. The utility will provide immediate alerts whenever potential losses are detected. It thus ensures your jobs are done on-time and on-budget.

Construction projects often overshoot budgets. Thus close monitoring is the only means of keeping things under control. Corrective measures then can be initiated in a timely manner. Costs are tracked based on specific categories. Being based on the familiar Excel spreadsheet, there is hardly any familiarity time required. Though it is not for beginners, professionals would be able to take to it very quickly. User definable cost categories ensure, all costs are covered besides the standard ones. Local adjustments are possible. The tool is able to forecast costs at project completion. That is a figure of merit which accurately tells you if there’s going to be cost overruns. Cost variances are always visible on display. Extensive help system is useful. This is a very good product.

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Track your project expenses effectively and increase profits!. Construction Job Cost Tracking and Reporting System for Excel. Designed specifically for contractors, builders, remodelers, project managers, cost engineers and architects, JobCOST Controller tracks construction costs tied to user-defined cost categories. Reports budgets, actuals and committed costs. Accurately forecasts costs at job completion, reports variances, alerts for over and under budget activities. JobCOST Controller tracks construction costs for each period and enables the owner or manager to know where the project stands at any time as far as profit and loss, helps to take measures and avoid pitfalls before it's too late.
JobCOST Controller is designed and developed in the USA by CPR, Inc., a leading provider of cost estimating and job cost accounting software tools for the construction industry since 1986. Use JobCOST Controller with confidence and profit!
JobCOST Controller for Excel
JobCOST Controller for Excel
Version 9.03
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